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Allison Syvertsen, "Playground I (Island." Gouache on panel, 14" x 16".

Two Urban Perspectives – Allison Syvertsen and Benjamin Gallman at Cerulean Arts

You’d be forgiven for thinking, as I did, when first entering Cerulean Arts and letting my eyes slide from Allison Syvertsen’s “Forsythia” to Benjamin Gallman’s “Untitled 5” (both on the immediate left), that both pieces were paintings, and both were by the same artist. It’s not an accident, thanks to the exhibition’s deft mise-en-scene and the fact that Syvertsen and Gallman are married, that these two pieces ended up next to each other. “Untitled 5″ is a shot of a wall hastily painted gray, with patches of irregularity highlighted by the camera flash. “Forsythia” is a view of a sun-dappled, ... More » »