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UCSD graduate student Virginia Maksymowicz installing her anonymous sculpture "Thirty Blocks" in 1976. Photo by Blaise Tobia.

News post – Maksymowicz sculpture gets some press, Barefoot Artist debuts, Rebecca Rutstein in LA, opportunities and more!

News We’re saddened to note that among the victims of the apparent building collapse at 22nd and Market streets in Philadelphia was eighteen-year-old first year PAFA student Anne Bryan. Anne started as a full-time student in the Certificate program in fall 2012 after participating in the High School Summer Academy in 2006, and enrolled in Continuing Education classes as well. We extend our deepest sympathy to her family and friends. A memorial service is planned for Anne at PAFA at a date yet to be determined. After many years in the making, on June 19 you can attend a special preview ... More » »

Sculpture studio of the Palermo Academy of Fine Art, at the Cantieri Culturale

Bell’Italia Art New and Old – An observation on art in Italy in three parts, Part 3

by Virginia Maksymowicz and Blaise Tobia Part 3: Sicily The railroad from the Italian mainland to Sicily must cross the strait of Messina, bypassing the twin perils of Scylla (a rock formation) and Charybdis (a whirlpool) that challenged the mythical Odysseus. Since there is no bridge, the only means of transport is a ferry. At Villa San Giovanni, the back of the huge ferry opens like the jaws of an alligator, swallowing up the entire chain of carriages. At Messina, the front end opens and the train is spat out onto a set of tracks on the other side. So ... More » »

Wu Weishan exhibition in the Palazzo Venezia, Rome

Bell’Italia Art New and Old – An observation on art in Italy in three parts, Part 2

by Virginia Maksymowicz and Blaise Tobia Part 2: More Rome, on to Naples The best part of visiting any city is wandering its streets; in Rome, of course, one expects chance encounters with marvelous churches, sculptural monuments, historic ruins and scavi (archeological excavations). But contemporary street art abounds as well. Some of it is obvious, such as the graffiti in the metro that transported us (as native New Yorkers) back to the 1980s of Lady Pink and DAZE. Some of it is subtle, like the small, black and white stickers of a man sporting sunglasses and a priest’s collar, stenciled ... More » »

undergraduate fine arts senior thesis projects in Addams Hall at the University of Pennsylvania - Zachary Christman and Jacques-Jean Tiziou - lightbox. Photo credit: Jacques-Jean Tiziou / www.jjtiziou.net.

News post – JJ Tiziou’s 1st lightbox relit, Gravy moves to Cecil B. Moore Ave, Tristin Lowe’s West Collects whale, opportunities and more!

News It’s no secret that Philly is a coworking and shared space boomtown. The Cedar Works is West Philly’s latest entrant into this scene. Featuring 15,000 sq. feet of reclaimed warehouse space, the Cedar Park neighborhood is now home to 23 studios that range from 250 to 600 square feet and combines artist workspaces and professional offices. One of the property owners and project managers, Andy Peifer, is a long-time Cedar Park resident who lives just around the corner from the building. Now that they’re up and running, it’s a good time to make the trek out and see the space. Perhaps even join? Jacques-Jean Tiziou’s first ... More » »

Cattaneo Wax Anatomy Museum in Bologna

Bell’Italia Art New and Old – Observations on art in Italy in three parts, Part 1

by Virginia Maksymowicz and Blaise Tobia Part 1: Verona, Milan, Padua and Rome We spent the months of November and December traveling through Italy in connection with Blaise’s new photo project and Virginia’s sabbatical research leave. We’ve visited Italy nearly a dozen times now, and speak the language reasonably well. We’ve also learned an important lesson: in order to fully experience this country, one must not overplan the day. Galleries that should be open might be closed. Museums that should be closed, might let you in if you knock. Appointments to meet people may fall through, but chance encounters can ... More » »

View of Dafen Artists Village in Shenzhen.

Art in China, Part 2 – Hidden galleries in Hong Kong, factory-produced paintings in Shenzhen and mega-education center in Guangzhou

By Virginia Maksymowicz and Blaise Tobia After ten days in Beijing, we flew to Hong Kong, which we absolutely loved. In many respects—including scale, sheer beauty, wonderful public transportation, fabulous and varied food—it may be the greatest city in the world. But unfortunately, these superlatives don’t apply to its contemporary art scene, which is extremely underdeveloped in view of the city’s financial and mercantile power. Although galleries exist, it was hard to find them. The gallery guide we picked up on the mainland didn’t include Hong Kong and the gallery map we snagged at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre ... More » »

Inside 798 Gallery, with old production machines on permanent display. (It was an arms factory originally built by the East Germans.)

Art in China Part 1 – A visit to galleries and artist studios in Beijing

By Virginia Maksymowicz and Blaise Tobia This trip to China was different in many respects from our first, in 2008: One of us was participating in an exhibition; our travels were entirely self- directed; and half of our trip took place in the huge Hong Kong-Shenzhen-Guangzhou urban continuum that is home to about 120 million people. (Read Blaise and Virginia’s 2008 post.) The exhibition in which Blaise participated was a show of nine studio faculty members of Drexel’s Art & Art History Department, aptly titled 9 (partly because arabic numbers need no translation in China). It took place at the ... More » »

Peter Rose, "The Indeserian Tablets."

News post – Julien Robson in Vienna, Alison Klayman discusses Ai Wei Wei, Tobia & Maksymowicz return to China, opportunities and more!

News At least now there’s no ambiguity as to what they’re after – Temple Gallery is now Temple Contemporary! In keeping up with the times, they’ve re-focused on reacting to local, national and global issues in real time. A calendar of their free events, chosen by scholars, local high school students, and community leaders from across Philadelphia, can be seen here. Indy Hall’s recent renovations have brought not only improved quarters for its loyal coworkers, but a series of new works by Sean Martorana, one of Indy Hall’s resident artists. “The Essence of Life and Line,” curated by Martorana and fellow Indy Hall-ers Kara ... More » »


News – Nichols Berg, Cambridge Street Studios, Divine Lorraine,Data Garden, opportunities and more!

NEWS Gallery classes – Beginning this spring and continuing through the summer, Nichols Berg Gallery  will host workshops in the gallery taught by Clarissa Shanahan (teaming up with Scott Nichols of Nichols Berg) on subjects including encaustics, manuscript illuminations and printmaking. And Cambridge Street Studios, a new realist atelier in Philly, is having their Grand Opening Gala this coming Saturday, March 31st.  The studio/school also has classes.  Check their website. Boundary-defying record label and journal Data Garden is running a plant-based audio exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art April 13-15. Four large tropical plants outfitted with specialized electronic sensors to process their physiological data will produce ... More » »

Lesley Mitchell, "Fire", Printmaking & collage with canvas cover.

News: Art and airplanes, Printeresting edits, opportunities, and more!

News The art and airplane trend We’ve told you  before about Jordan Griska’s “Grumman Greenhouse“, the repurposed submarine bomber turned sculpture/community greenhouse that was recently installed in Lenfest Plaza. Well artist Matthew Day Jackson also has part of a plane – the cockpit of a B-29 – on display in London as part of his exhibit at Hauser & Wirth. The piece is entitled “Axis Mundi”, and while it is cool, it isn’t a greenhouse, so we think Griska wins this round.

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