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Art Fairs in Miami, 2012 – Traffic everywhere and a show stopper at the new Miami Project

This year the traffic in Miami defeated me. The amount of activity generated by more than twenty art fairs would benefit from public, and preferably underground, transportation. While I saw plenty of art over two days at three fairs, I saw nothing sufficiently new or challenging to make up for bumper-to-bumper traffic and streets, endlessly clogged, with drivers who didn’t know where they were going. After three fairs, I gave up. So this won’t pretend to be a best of the best, or even an overview. I spent the first afternoon at Art Basel Miami Beach  with my friend, neighbor ... More » »

PAFA’s hits three homers outta heeeere

This Place is Ours!, by Jim Houser, acrylic on paper collaged on canvas, 40 x 40 inches This is the age of aquarius over at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts–harmony and understanding and three star-quality shows. At last the the place is living up to that name that came and then slunk off into the night; what was it, the Museum of American Art? The place not only has recovered from the folly of meaningless corporate branding at the same time that it has actually become that museum it dreamed it was. So if you go there this ... More » »