Guilt I and II


Guilt I: I’m posting this because I’ve been worrying about how I didn’t say anything about the excellent piece by Xiang Yang at Spector Gallery Great (re)Masters exhibit, partly because his work is an outlier. But that doesn’t make it any less worthy of mention. Xiang is the person who did the terrific crewel-in-a-lunch-container pieces (see post).

Here, he’s doing a take-off on Leonardo Da Vinci‘s “Lady With Ermine” (left). The original was oil on wood, but Xiang’s quirky, yet elegant version is mylar layered over a map with some pencil and with some embroidery holding it together.

I came back at this today partly because Roberta’s piece in today’s Philadelphia Weekly served as a reminder to me.

Guilt II: I also feel I was unclear in my previous post about my reaction to Slought‘s “Didacticon: The Museum of Reproductions,” which was organized by Osvaldo Romberg. I think this show is not so much curated as created–it’s a conceptual art project in and of itself. That distinction, however, doesn’t alleviate the onerous reading requirements.


xiang yang



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