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Art world seances

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Picture is Dan McCarthy’s painting of a mythical beach scene. Click to see it bigger.

Over the course of two days our trek of two piers and one historic armory gave me the sense that artists are reaching out to channel ghosts of the past or spirits of a parallel universe. Maybe we’re all running away from the present because it’s too …present.

In any case, here’s a list of the art “mediums” whose work reminded me that art right now is often not just P.T.Barnum but Barnum and El Magnifico the conjurer. It’s all about the hallucination and not the real.

Omer Fast, drawing of a baby with webbed appendages. There’s no conversation but then the baby is pre-verbal.

Omer Fast‘s conversations with colonials;

Patricia Piccinini’s eco-warrior from the “Mother’s Helper” series

Patricia Piccinini‘s larger-than-life eco-warrior totems

Martin and Munoz, photo of a set up like what appears in their snow globes

Martin and Munoz
‘s pretty escapist snow globes

Duke Riley’s faux scrimshaw from his Ward’s Island fantasy

Duke Riley‘s invented history of Ward island

Ronald Moran, painting of soft tank

Ronald Moran‘s soft and fuzzy universe

Chris Gilmore, detail of Ford A roadster, cardboard

Tom Burkhardt cardboard box with cardboard books

Cardboard universes by Tom Burkhardt and Chris Gilmore

Chester Arnold, detail of 3-panel painting of a battle taking place around a shack in the middle of nowhere. It’s called “Last man standing.”

Chester Arnold‘s painted battles

Anthony Goicolea’s staged ritual photograph

Anthony Goicolea‘s set up photos of rituals in the woods
Dan McCarthy‘s painted vacation snapshots (top image)

I’ll have links in a bit.