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Dance digression

I finally made it to a Dance Boom! event this year, thanks to the good graces of my neighbor Andrew Simonet of Headlong Dance Theater. Don’t miss a chance to see something good and go to tonight’s performance, the last one so far as I can tell.

Headlong’s Shosha, based on an Isaac Basheves Singer story, was quirky for its structure–half performance and theater, half dance, and totally original. It was also totally moving.

Choreographer Keely Garfield’s Scent of Mental Love was a series of stylish parodies of the traditional pas de deux in dance and in love songs–also quite original and entertaining and funny.

As I bore up through the first piece, Subcircle, a collaboration between choreographer Niki Cousineau and composer/designer Jorge Cousineau, I mused about how dancers can fall into the same traps as artists, having big thoughts but losing perspective on how to communicate those ideas in a way that would make someone pay attention.