Headlong Dance Theater’s Andrew Simonet and David Brick on dancing with art and moving with citizen dancers

Roberta and Libby interview founding members of Headlong Dance Theater in this 16-minute podcast for Artblog Radio.

Dance Theater’s performances often are humorous and inspired by pop culture and their fascination with human movement. Andrew Simonet, David Brick and Amy Smith, three college friends who founded Headlong in Philadelphia in 1993, use theatrical props, street clothes, and speech in their works, which honor movement in space.  When a dancer was temporarily in a wheelchair from a broken bone, they incorporated the dancer and wheelchair into the performance. Their non-standard productions lie between dance and theatre and have garnered many kudos, and a Pew Fellowship (2006). More recently they have done some performances in galleries in response to art — at the ICA (for the Sheila Hicks exhibit) and at Dalet Gallery in Old City. Their upcoming 2012 Fringe Festival work is a collaboration with “citizen dancers.” The works will take place in the citizens’ homes and be metaphorical choreographies that reflect the life of the household.

David Brick (l) and Andrew Simonet of Headlong Dance Theater

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