Bridges and buildings–architects as artists

Ed Bronstein
Girard Avenue Bridge, by Ed Bronstein, a classic Philadelphia impressionist

I stopped by the Art by Architects show at the AIA Bookstore, since my friend Ed Bronstein is one of the 20 local architects represented in the show. Ed is actually a full-time painter these days, which shows in his work, but most of the others in the show are still practicing architecture, so the show has a lot of bridges and buildings.

James Pron
Bagdad Christmas #2 detail, by James Pron

What most intrigued me were the buildings/bridges pieces that went somewhere surprising. James Pron’s futuristic collages manage to be most timely as they call up Iraqi war zones and sci-fi military-government-complex headquarters. ooo. Very nice–a mix of buildings and issues and art.

Steve Gatschet
Arcology Bridge, by Steve Gatschet

And Steve Gatschet’s mysterious Arcology Bridge and other similar little toner drawings in his Arcology series also took off to parts unknown. I’d also like to give a mention to a couple of paintings among those by Joseph Brin, two landscapes with a magical-realist touch (see my Flickr site for one of these).


Proceeds from the sale of artwork (the show includes signed Venturi posters, btw) support the Center for Architecture and its charitable program benefitting the Community Design Collaborative, Charter High School for Architecture + Design, and the Architecture in Education program.