Cannonball Q&A, Part 2

[This continues the Q&A with Mike Houston and Martin Mazorra of Cannonball Press whose show opens Friday at Space 1026. Also, there’s a short Q&A-ette with Caitlin Perkins of Space 1026 about the t-shirt printing event this Saturday. Read Part 1.]

Cannonballers Tell more about it, Part 2

Tell me more about your spirit of collaboration and affordability.

MM: We both shared a community-minded spirit that comes from a variety of sources. Both of us have contributed to art collectives such as Rough House and the Barnstormers as well as worked on collaborative music and mural projects. It has been through these projects and the exhibitions with Cannonball that we have expanded our network of artists. We are constantly on the look out for folks with whom to make Cannonballs.

Martin Mazorra
Martin Mazorra, betting

Any plans for the future?

MH: This November we’re hosting the first ever Prints Gone Wild print conference at Supreme Trading Gallery in Brooklyn. We’re bringing in all kinds of kooks to hawk their prints, at 100 bucks or less. It’s gonna be a great time.

cannonball press header
I’m not sure whose print this is…it came in recent press information

What do you like to look at visually — either art, movies, comix, tv. What are some of your favorite visuals?

MH:I draw in front of the TV and grew up on punk rock and underground comix. Martin is much more historically well-researched. He does drawing from old books and history texts.

Do you have time to show/make much work of your own?

MH: I did a solo show earlier this year, but 90% iof my artistic efforts have been for C-Ball these past few years. Same goes for Martin.

Ever been to Philadelphia? to Space 1026?

Mike Houston
Mike Houston, goat

MH: Been to Philly, lookin’ forward to coming again. A great city, with lots of good artists. Never been to Space 1026–but am honored to be showing there–they’re a model for what you can do as a community. I have nothing but respect for them, and can’t wait to finally get the chance to meet them.

Also, the t-shirt day on Saturday? Have you done this type of activity before? where? it’s free???

cannonball action
One Cannonballer at work, screen shot from quicktime movie on the website

MH: we print T shirts on our Vandercook (a vintage 1938 letterpress.), which is so silly it cracks me up to no end. We’ll bring some blocks of our own, and print on whatever people want us to. We’ve silkscreened furry toilet seat covers before.

What’s a Vandercook?

MH: It’s a vintage 1938 letterpress

Tell me about the collaborative 3-D woodcut constructions you’re making for the show.

action2 copy.jpg
One Cannonballer at work, two seconds later

MH: This’ll be a first for us in Philly–just taking these oversized colabo-combo woodcut pieces to the next level, hopefully. Probably a lot of cardboard, wheat paste, and duct tape.

Anything else you’d like to say?

MH: We are publishers–not a collective. Sometimes that gets mixed up.


Cannonball t-shirt day at Space 1026, Part 3

[Caitlin Perkins, Space 1026er and print-maker answered some of my questions about the free t-shirt extravaganza. Here’s the information:]

action4 copy.jpg
Two Cannonballers at work

Tell me about the t-shirt party

CP: The shirt off yer back – It is going to be a relaxed party – informal, drop in have some coffee, meet the artists, make some prints kind of event.

Who’s printing?

CP: We will have Cannonball guys doing woodcut images on your shirts (FYI: a letterpress can print woodblocks, monoprints on acrylic plates, polymer plates (photo plates) and the good old lead or woodtype), and Space1026ers doing screenprints on yer shirts. And, we’ll all be selling merch (prints, books)

How many artists involved?

CP: I think there will be 5-8 artists around, we’ll provide the image, ink, and manual labor…you provide the shirt – you can bring one of your own, or take yours off if you need to.

Has Space 1026 ever done a free t-shirt party like this?

action3 copy.jpg
Busy, happy smiling printer.

CP: I don’t think we’ve ever done an open tshirt event before – I saw this at the Southern Graphics Council in Madison – it was an all day grueling for the artists (we’re civilized just a couple of hours) printing on anything the audience brought them.

OK, some statistics. How many shirts can one printer print in a day?

CP: Realistically – you could print probably 200-250 tshirts if you had a crew working for a couple of hours – but this is all about fun – no sweat shop labor here. (well, it might be sweaty, cause we don’t got AC) but I’ll be making iced coffee…

Will you print over Nike logos or do you need a blank shirt?

CP: As for printing over the Nike logo – I think we’d be happy to print over anything. I guess it would be good if this shirt is stink free….Basically – you get to see a bunch of printmakers doing what they love to do, lay down ink, over and over. Arms of steel, baby…pulling those squeegees. Then again, this whole thing could degrade into some nasty sweaty crazy naked party – but probably not.