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Afterword on Nick Lenker’s chutes and ladders

A detail of Nick Lenker’s Window on Broad installation

Somehow, we didn’t say enough about Nick Lenker’s ceramic window installation in the Window on Broad, 333 S. Broad St. in the most recent Look! It’s Libby and Roberta. The ceramic shelves and figures that comprise the installation succeed because they draw you in with the charming/scary details of their Grimm’s fairy tale narratives. But the stacked worlds also serve as levels of a video game, with chutes and ladders linking them. In another age, of course, it’s the levels of Hell or any other system of multiple realities.

bill lohre 4
A view of Bill Lohre’s installation last summer at Spector Gallery

The window reminded us a bit of Bill Lohre’s window installation last summer at Spector Gallery, also storybook art, with innocence and fantasy. Both artists give you lots to look at.

But in Lenker’s world, the trees come to life and the elephants are people. Fantasia comes to mind–a world animated by spirits in everything.