Numbers at Woodmere

This just in from Heike Rass-Paulmier at Woodmere Art Museum.

More than 600 people attended the opening for the Annual Juried Exhibition and Emerging Artists Series: Christopher Hartshorne and Hiro Sakaguchi at the Woodmere last week. Both shows run through March 4. Admission to the Museum is free. For more information visit or call 215-247-0476.

Additional numbers


Hiro Sakaguchi, for his part of the exhibit, recruited 35 artists to participate in his Picture Journal Project a project in which friends and acquaintances of Sakaguchi’s were invited by him to create journals with drawings and words about their everyday happenings last summer. Sakaguchi explained his idea in an email:

Thirty-five artists are involved this project, recruited in an organic process – some are artists I think of frequently, and others I ran into over the months of the project. Every artist has a different background of experience and discipline. Every work is unique and different from the others. Some pages deal with travel experiences. Some call up memories from the artists’ pasts. Some react to events of this moment of our lives. Some simply treat journal paper as a work surface.

Here’s who participated:


Alyse C. Bernstein
Erin Rose Boyle
Randall Cleaver
Mark Dilks
Sam Faix
Laura Graham
Sherif Habashi
Chris Havlish
Darla Jackson
Alina Josan
John Karpinski
Mike Kobuz
Sebastien Leclercq
Jill Maio
Gwen Maleson
Rob Matthews
Nathan Marzen
Alicia McCarthy
Eric McDade
Laura McKinley
Michelle Oosterbaan
J.A. Panetta
Caroline Picard
Carrie Powell
Sarah Roche
Randall Sellers
Mark Shetabi
Marie Sivak
Nancy M. Sophy
Thomas Vance
Joni Woods
Nami Yamamoto
Linda Yun
Mauro Zamora

Of course this number (35) has something to do with the above number (600) but who’s counting, really.