Charles Cushing’s new Gross Clinic

The Gross Clinic, reproduction by Charles Cushing

During the recent uproar and rescue efforts on behalf of the Gross Clinic, artist Charles Cushing undertook to paint a full-scale replica of the Eakins masterpiece. Charles just emailed that the work is done. And it’s for sale, art lovers, a veritable painted piece of art activism!

The Gross Clinic, reproduction by Charles Cushing

Here’s Charles’s note and information on how to get hold of him.

Dear Friends, Patrons, & Fellow Artists,

This is an image of my recently completed copy of Thomas Eakins’ “The Gross Clinic”. I commenced the painting about 3 months ago during the fundraising campaign, as a way to raise awareness, and also because it was a rewarding experience in its own right.

This is the full-sized 8′ x 6.5′ ft oil on canvas. The painting is for sale, and I am seeking opportunities to display it. If you are interested or have suggestions, please contact me directly at 267 679 7853. You can also visit my website.


charles cushing, the gross clinic, thomas eakins



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