Locally Localized covered in NY Times today


Thanks to Shelley Spector for this tip. NYT art critic Holland Cotter weighs in today on ICA’s Locally Localized Gravity. Read it here today before it costs you $$ on Times Select. Check our locally localized gravity label for artblog‘s coverage of this great show which closes at the end of the day Sunday.

Here’s my two favorite paragraphs from Cotter’s review:

“Locally Localized Gravity” is, as a show, a movable and participatory feast. The environments set up in the gallery are basically stages waiting for performers — artists and visitors — to arrive. To ask why it doesn’t have more conventional art objects, or why they aren’t better made, is to miss the whole point. Contingency is the point: change, revision, make-it-and-throw-it-away.

Not that there aren’t some spectacular sights. Space 1026 contributes a fairy-tale cluster of walk-in towers — one functions as a gallery and two serve as video booths — shingled in rainbow-colored prints by all of the collectives’ 30 members.


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