Libby and Roberta in Paris, well, virtually at least


Libby and Roberta are in Paris. That is, two of our collaborative paintings are on display in a wine shop window in Paris. And the paintings are pretty much autobiographical in an eliptical way…so we’re in Paris! The group show is curated by our friend, the artist and writer Matthew Rose.

Photo by Ric Erickson. That's a Libby and Roberta painting in the wine shop window at Cave des Papilles. The painting is from the Dorothy Speaks series and this is Stovetop Dorothy.
Photo by Ric Erickson. That’s a Libby and Roberta painting in the wine shop window at Cave des Papilles. The painting is from the Dorothy Speaks series and this is Stovetop Dorothy.

We are delighted that our two little works, (from the Dorothy Speaks series, which were used as the basis for our street giveaway in 2005) are in the windows at Cave des Papilles on Rue Daguerre. They look right at home.

I’ve told you about Matthew Rose here when I reported on a studio visit I had with him last year in Paris, and here about a show he had last year in Denver.

Rick Erickson photo
Photo by Ric Erickson. Another Libby and Roberta painting from the Dorothy Speaks series, this one Parachute Dorothy.

Rose’s wonderful four-part article about 1990s artist-assistants to Jasper Johns, David Salle and Sherrie Levine — commissioned but never published — ran in artblog here and if you missed it give it a read (you can get to all four parts from this link) The piece is chock full of interesting tidbits and it’s a great read. The assistants featured are Paul H-O, James Meyer and Annette Lemieux and Jack Early and Rob Pruitt.

Rick Erickson photo
Matthew Rose, in a surreal photo by Ric Erickson. Rose curated the window art show in the shop window in his neighborhood.

Matthew, who lives around the corner from the wine shop, has curated art shows there before. He called this show “a bande dessiné theme. Old French comic books all over.” Speaking of all over, the American expat shows work all over and in June he had a show in Vermont at Gallery-in-the-Field in Brandon. A review by Richard Brown in Vermont Today
characterized the show as “a tour de force of the collagist’s art; …a salute to a seminal modernist movement [DADA]; and … a poke at self-importance. It’s also fun.” Read the article on Gallery in the Field’s website..

Matthew told us he’s got a show coming up in Paris in September at Anouchka Roggeman and two in Berlin in September/October at Galerie Tristesse and Anyway Berlin. He’s one busy artist.

Just in case you want to see more Libby and Roberta paintings, here’s a link to inliquid’s 2005 features page which has a couple images from the Dorothy Speaks series. Scroll down and click on the Zero .1% for Art Commission. More on the Commission and our street giveaways here.


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