Another episode of the wonderfulness of too much good stuff!

The stars are in alignment and lots of wonderful things are opening and happening all at once this weekend. I hope to make it to some of these …see you out there!

FRIDAY, DEC. 14, 2007

Street Button–5th annual emerging artist show

Jacob Hellman photo collage at White Lodge Gallery (in School of Rock building)
Jacob Hellman photo collage at White Lodge Gallery (in School of Rock building)

Jacob Hellman
Photographs and Installations
White Lodge Gallery
1508 Brandywine Street

SATURDAY, DEC. 15, 2007

Oliver Herring
3000 N. Hope St.
6-10 pm

See slide show below for more HausWerk images
HausWerk in Paoli
Tyler student working on installation at the soon to be demolished house in Paoli. More photos in slide show below.

Hauswerk–15 Tyler students take over a soon-to-be-demolished house in Paoli
1497 Sugartown Rd
3-6:30 PM
(also by appointment until Jan. 4. call Athena Christakis (one of the students) at 215-900-0175 or

Pageant emerging artist show
Jesse Greenberg, Nick Lenker, Kate Norton and Sarah Everton at Pageant Gallery’s emerging artist show

“Isskustvo Transmagica Provinces Animamina”
Sarah Everton, Jesse Greenberg, Nick Lenker, and Kate Norton
Pageant Gallery
607 Bainbridge
through February 3rd,

Mummer's costume--Space 1026
Mummer’s costume on display last week at the Space 1026 auction.

SEWATHON : A Mummer Happening
Space 1026
$5 donation gets you 24 hours of fun!
12 Noon, Dec. 15 to 12 Noon, Dec. 16

from the press release:
The Vaudevillains, the 1026 Mummer Brigade, will be hosting a 24 hour sewing marathon and telethon style variety show to help raise funds for the upcoming Mummer’s Day Parade.

This event will bebroadcast live to the internet. Watch online and make a donation. Broadcast begins this Saturday at noon. We will be sewing, dancing, laughing, watching movies and sharing food for 24 hours straight. Come visit and show your support.

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