Oliver Herring opening at FLUXspace–SMASHING!


Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

I just wanted to share my photos from last Saturday’s opening at FLUXspace. I’ve never seen a more focused party! Everyone was busy, busy, busy…in a good way. And there was much interaction as strangers or mere acquaintences approached one another looking for help with a task. Nothing seemed silly at the time (I led a pencil parade) in the atmosphere which was both giddy, heady and expectant. I never made it to a happening in the 1960s (although I created my own in the 1970s) but this was a Happening, for sure.

Don’t miss the Oliver Herring videos, Howard Street (airborn) and Waterloo Street, screening nightly at FLUX Dec 15-22 6-10 pm.


fluxspace, oliver herring



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