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Tuesday kisses for Mayor Nutter


maggie van scoyk.jpg
Maggie Van Scoyk …taking pictures with Austin Lee @ Exclamation Gallery!

leigh owens mystical.jpg
Hi my name is Leigh Owens and I am a Writer and Photographer. This is one of my favorite photos titled Mystikal, which I took in Philadelphia on Benjamin Franklin Parkway last summer. We need the Office of Arts and Culture in this city…Please keep your promise!!!

Michelle Posadas
Michelle Posadas

alana bograd.jpg
Alana Bograd

Albo Jeavons artjail.jpg
Hey pals, Great project! If Nutter opens the office the ArtJail organization will provide free office space inside of one of the giant ArtJail TVs! One less roadblock on the glorious road to Arts and Culture! Albo Jeavons

Join the Kiss for Mayor Nutter campaign! Send in your 281(h) x 375(w) jpeg photo of yourself to and help us demonstrate how many people care about the mayor’s campaign promise to create an Office of Arts and Culture.

Email this project info around to every Philadelphia artist and art lover you know. Let’s show Mayor Nutter the face of Philadelphia’s amazing arts community. No broken promises, Mayor Nutter, please!!