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Artist stipends for Hacktory classes


This in from Vanja Buvac, one of the Hactory guys.

The Hacktory is giving away two stipends for its new Intro to Interactive Art with Processing workshop and two stipends for the “Microcontroller Experiments for Artists and Makers” course, two classes that can help artists apply technology to their art work.

The application requires a one-page concept proposal for a project that combines digital media with your current practice and a biography page including a summary of your most recent public performance or exhibition.

More information is available here for all you creative tinkers–I mean thinkers–who like circuitry and think digital systems are fun.

Neither of the workshops require any prior knowledge of programming or electronics, according to Buvac. He quotes a couple of students: “I came to this with very little previous knowledge of the subject matter, but didn’t feel like it was over my head,” writes one participant of the Hacktory’s microcontroller course. “Perfect, and the pace allowed those of us who are slow, like me, to take our time,” another student comments. “I definitely would recommend the class.”

The stipend applications will be reviewed by artist Wil Lindsay who teaches interactive media at the University of the Arts in Center City.