More smooches for hizzoner Mayor Nutter.


Friday brings us more pictures of Philadelphia artists, art lovers, etc. who are hoping the mayor puts in place an art czar who can do some long range planning to capitalize on the exciting stuff happening in the visual arts in Philadelphia right now. There are lots of us who think this is important, and we’re only scratching the surface, here. How deep can we scratch? It’s up to you. Join our Kiss for Mayor Nutter campaign to show your support for an Office of Arts and Culture (see end of post to see how).

andrew suggs
Andrew Suggs soaking up one of his favorite Philly places – rooftops.
Picture of Kevin Derrick removed at request of artist

Gio, Philadelphia Rep for FILTER Magazine
Gio, Philadelphia Rep for FILTER Magazine

Join the Kiss for Mayor Nutter campaign! Send in your 281(h) x 375(w) jpeg photo of yourself to and help us demonstrate how many people care about the mayor’s campaign promise to create an Office of Arts and Culture.

Email this project info around to every Philadelphia artist and art lover you know. Let’s show Mayor Nutter the face of Philadelphia’s amazing arts community. No broken promises, Mayor Nutter, please!!


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