Weekend Kisses for Mayor Nutter

The weekend brings us more pictures of Philadelphia artists and art lovers who are hoping the mayor re-establishes the Office of Arts and Culture and puts in place an art czar who can do some long range planning to capitalize on the exciting stuff happening in the visual arts in Philadelphia right now. Join the Kiss for Mayor Nutter campaign! Send in your 281(h) x 375(w) jpeg photo of yourself to and help us demonstrate how many people care about the mayor’s campaign promise to create an Office of Arts and Culture.

Email this project info around to every Philadelphia artist and art lover you know. Let’s show Mayor Nutter the face of Philadelphia’s amazing arts community. No broken promises, Mayor Nutter, please!!

Ellie Brown, who’s going to Korea soon, says:

“Ellie may be leaving the country for a year, but she still cares about the arts in Philly! Ellie Brown photographing.”

Dayton Castleman clothespin.jpg
Dayton Castleman writes from Chicago saying…

Hi Libby and Roberta,
Been enjoying the Artblog, and your kisses for mayor Nutter
particularly… As an expat Philadelphian I wouldn’t dare show my
face, but I will show my giant fingers, which are able to stretch all
the way from Chicago. I do, of course, desire to see the arts thrive
in Philly. I could very well end up back there someday soon, and so
it’s in my best interest to participate, if you’ll have me. –Dayton Castleman

From anonymous…
I’m a Philadelphia artist and Artblog reader. I took a sign and encouraged some artists and gallery owners to appear in your ‘a Kiss for Nutter’ series during a very rainy bunch of openings last night. Everyone was very happy to be a part of the cause! Thanks.

Rodger Lapelle, Sarah Hunter, R.B. Strauss, in LaPelle Gallery, First Friday, Feb. 1, 2008.

Mia Pastore, Emily Brown, Sarah Holloran at Brown’s Gallery Joe opening.

Karen McDonnell, Anthony Cortosi, Christine McGinniss at Rodger LaPelle Gallery.

Kevin Richards, Al Gury, Holly Koch, at Gury’s F.A.N. opening, First Friday, Feb. 1, 2008.