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What we want to see Friday


We’re going to be in Pittsburgh for the 2008 Carnegie International opening but if we were here this is where you’d see us Friday night.

Joe Boruchow, cut paper, at Wexler in the group show Vanitas. We saw a great show of his work last year at Bean Cafe.

Wexler–this is the hot ticket. Group show, Vanitas, curated by Sienna Freeman, one of the young female take-charge curators we’re very excited about. She rounded up top notch names: Randall Sellers, Joe Boruchow, Damien Hirst, Ann Siems, Dirk Staschke and more! This follows on their recent show of Chuck Close prints and furniture by Wendell Castle, an oddly satifying pairing. The gallery’s on the move with ambitious programming.

Vox PopuliStephan Abrams has a brand new 3-channel video based on message boards talking about Superbowl commercials. Sounds like a hoot! Nick Paparone makes his Vox solo debut…we love this guy. Eva Wylie rounds out the show with her virtuoso velvet-backed cut fabric installation. As always, the Fourth Room has a visiting artist, Carl Baratta, and in the video lounge, Jack Sloss, who’s also featured (with Alex Da Corte) at Fleisher-Ollman this month. Stop into Screening, the other video space inside Vox, which has a new video by UK artists Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt –a sci-fi digital animation.

Bridgette Mayer — Belgrade born New York artist Ivan Stojakovic returns in a solo show. We love his work and have written about it before. The new images seem more narrative and less abstract and we can’t wait to see them. He’s also got a sculpture installation in the vault! Wa-hoo.

Samantha Simpson, drawing from her show at Gallery Joe.

Gallery JoeSamantha Simpson will have new drawings of her Victorianesque word and image posters. They’re great. And joining her is Rachel Perry Welty who, along with works on paper, will bring a video work to Gallery Joe. Having a video is a first for a gallery.

Gigi Chen painting in her solo show at Knapp Gallery. You may have seen her work previously at FUEL Gallery.
Gigi Chen painting in her solo show at Knapp Gallery. You may have seen her work previously at FUEL Gallery.

Also, when you’re in Old City, check out Rodger LaPelle for paintings by Sarah Hunter and Annelies Van Dommelen. Hunter will also be featured at the Painting Center in New York in June. At Knapp, Gigi Chen‘s paintings look fun and energetic and youthful. And check it: a new gallery has opened, BlinkArt on the 4th floor at 108 Chestnut, this month featuring some swell doggie paintings by PAFA graduating artist Jay McClellan. Everyone loves a doggie painting, don’t you?