Zero .1% for Art Commission stages giveaway at PIFAS!

Plan for the Zero .1% for Art Commission Reading Room and Fire Sale
Plan for the Zero .1% for Art Commission Reading Room and Fire Sale
What is 26x18x16″ and open Sunday, April 27, from 7-9 pm? It’s the Zero .1% For Art Commission Reading Room and Fire Sale!!  
The one night stand exhibit, produced by Commissioners Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof is at Gallery Under the Stairs at PIFAS. GUS is unusually small as galleries go. We think it should be called the Zero .1% Gallery!
You’ve probably never experienced one of the Commission’s fabulous street giveaways in action. Here’s your chance to get in on the Commission’s bargain basement prices– zero zero zero dollars!!!! You might know Fallon and Rosof from their online publication, roberta fallon and libby rosof’s Artblog, one of the best Artblogs in the country according to them and their friends and families.

artblog 5th birthday cake

  • Come gather around and read the Commission’s annual reports, considered to be laugh out loud funny!
  • Gather up the Commission’s product line for your own art collection!
  • Experience art you can pocket without getting arrested!
  • PLUS! The Commission will be celebrating artblog’s 5th anniversary. There will be cake and cheese and other refreshments!!
  • Talk to the Commissioners Themselves, who are NOT running for political office at this time!!!
Zero .1% For Art Commission Reading Room and Fire Sale!

Sunday, April 27, 7-9 pm
1712 N 2nd St
Philadelphia, PA 19122
corner of Cecil B. Moore and 2nd St.



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