Great reading, New Yorker style


Newspapers keep cutting back on visual arts coverage (the Weekly just decided to use the art page once a month for the next 6 months to cover poetry/performance ). The New Yorker magazine however has been ramping up their coverage of visual arts of late and as usual it’s a great mix of reviews, interviews and little quirky stuff.

Here’s three really good things that ran recently just in case you missed them:

May 26: Calvin Tomkins profile of Paul Chan who’s currently having a solo show of his projection light pieces at the New Museum — the artist’s first solo gig in a museum. Show’s up through June 29.

April 14: Tom Sachs in a funny Talk of the Town piece by Lauren Collins in which you get a peek into his studio. Like others who have made it in the art world, Sachs has a workshop with many studio assistants (four are noted in the article). And because he’s a funny guy, there are words of wisdom to help the shop run, like this one: “Never draw what you can trace, never trace what you can scan, never scan what you can photocopy.”

Sachs has 2 shows in New York right now, one at Lever House and the other at the Sperone Westwater gallery. Both run through June 21.

April 14: Peter Schjeldahl’s prickly poke at Takashi Murakami and his Brooklyn Museum show. In which the critic says more than once that he doesn’t get it … but keeps on slamming it. Show’s up to July 13.


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