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New American Paintings features Philly-area artists galore!

Jarrett Min Davis
Jarrett Min Davis — a painting I saw at his Penn MFA show at the Icebox in 2007.

New American Paintings, Book #75, juried by ICA’s Jenelle Porter has 40 artists selected from more than 1000 entries and a large number are from our area–we know them and have written about all of them.

Natasha Bowdoin
Emily Brown
Jarrett Min Davis
Sarah Gamble
Alexis Granwell
Isaac Lin
Michelle Marcuse
Babette Martino
Serena Perrone
Bruce Pollock
Josh Rickards
Kate Stewart
Robert Straight
Jackie Tileston
Jaime B. Treadwell

Congratulations, all, and thanks to Alexis Granwell for the heads up!

Out of Towners
Randall Sellers
Randall Sellers, image from his show at Richard Heller Gallery.

Randall Sellers appears bi-coastally this month, here in the Wexler show Vanitas (see Annette’s post) and, through May 17 at Richard Heller Gallery in Santa Monica CA, his third show with that venue.

Jim Houser
Jim Houser’s postcard announcement for his LA show at Merry Karnowsky.

ALso in LA, Jim Houser’s solo show, Mere Inches, running to May 24, at Merry Karnowsky Gallery.

John Tallman
John Tallman, chunky painting from his website. 

John Tallman, he of the chunky paintings and the blog Color Chunks is featured in a group show at IS Projects in the Netherlands, June 15-July 13. The IS Projects blog is a nifty site with commerce and content all interwoven very seamlessly.

Liz Rywelski
Liz Rywelski from her American Portraits series. This is Saratoga flags.

Liz Rywelski’s series, The American Portraits, is included in something called the 1st International Roaming Biennial of Tehran, Iran (Don’t you love that name?). The project, curated by artists Serhat Koksal and Amirali Ghasemi, will travel, nomad style, until 2010, says Rywelski.  It begins May 30-July 6 in Tehran.

Finally, sad news

Shephard Fairey, poster of Barack Obama, made for the political candidate the artist supports.
Shephard Fairey, poster of Barack Obama, made for the political candidate the artist supports.

Via Rob Matthews… Shephard Fairey, maker of the beloved Andre the Giant posters and stickers and recently the beautiful Barack Obama posters seen around the world during this sometimes ugly primary season is apparently stricken with diabetes-related degenerative eye disease which threatens his eyesight. While the internet source, animalnewyork, doesn’t name the source of its inside information, Fairey’s dealer Jonathan Levine, quoted in the article, doesn’t deny it. So I take it to be sad but true.