SouthPhilly Biennial: costumes! makeup! music! hold the acrobatics!


The SouthPhilly Biennial, which sounds like it’s going to be an 18-ring circus — or a happening — includes lots of music and performance, all hosted by World Cafe’s Showcase Family’s Bonnie Showcase (Liz Rywelski). According to the event’s organizer, Athena Barat, the afternoon is about creating community and uniting the traditional South Philly peeps with this incredible underground art scene in their midst.

Some of the artists participating are Charles Hobbes, K-Fai Steele, Megabinx (Jesse Greenberg), goallana roomtone (Ryan Trecartin doing hair-extensions on site!), Sweatheart, Constance Mensch, Mikkilandia productions (Mikki Olson and Raul DeNieves in costume).

We’ll be speaking very briefly at 2 pm to pump Philly’s highly collaborative art scene. We’ll be done by 2:02 eager to catch the rest of the action.

The South-Philly Biennial

May 31st, noon – 6pm (rain date June 1st)

Outdoors, Italian market 
9th and Carpenter, in front of the Frank Rizzo mural and next to DiBruno’s sandwich shop.