South Philly Biennial sunshine

On this gloomy day in Philadelphia I want to post some pictures of the sunshine and brilliant colors of the South Philly Biennial, a 21st Century Woodstock in a parking lot that pulled a couple hundred people together to celebrate the thriving art community that’s sprung up in South Philly and loves it there.

Libby and I spoke briefly and received an award for helping art grow. Our gold statuettes (they remind me of the Oscars!) were utterly sweet just like the whole event organized by the energetic and community-spirited artist, Athena Barat.

More photos at my flickr and here are Libby’s photos.


Athena Barat, the hostess and organizer
Athena Barat, organizer of the event.

Ryan Trecartin giving Athena Barat hair extensions
Ryan Trecartin was there under the nom de hair Goallana Roomtone. Here he is giving Athena some blonde extensions. 

Trecartin told us the extensions were a little hard to get off (they go on with latex and it’s best to get them off with olive oil). When I asked him what he was working on now he said he was getting ready for a new movie and was making some sculptures for it with Lizzie (Fitch).  He also said he was talking with the Fabric Workshop about screening his most recent film I-Be Area there (which would be great because many of us missed it when it was at Bobos on 9th).

Jesse Greenberg's megabinxes
Jesse Greenberg’s megabinxes. 

Greenberg told me that the Bobos on 9th crew (Drew, Nick and Phil) were curating an art show at Foxy Productions in New York that opens in July.  The show will include his work and other works shown at the Bobos on 9th gallery. There will be a Philly component and the plan is to have a live video feed between the two galleries.


Andrew Jeffrey Wright and Andrea Kirsh
Andrew Jeffrey Wright and Andrea Kirsh

When I arrived, Andrew Jeffrey Wright and Andrea Kirsh were sitting on the ground (Andrew was on his skateboard) in the only shade in the entire place.  I joined them immediately.

Liz Rywelski as Bonnie Showcase
Liz Rywelski as Bonnie Showcase.

Colorful hut
Colorful hut

Sculpture installation
Colorful sculpture

This hanging birdcage-like sculpture in front of the colorful abstract wall piece was great and went nicely with all the glitter and sequins and bright colors on peoples costumes. Notice the red dot — someone bought the work. The pole from which the cage hangs looks like a hospital iv drip stand.

Live karaoke band signup
Live Karaoke band signup sheet

K-Fai Steele's cat girls
K-Fai Steele’s cat ladies

For helping art grow
Our gold statuettes were awarded “for helping art grow.”