YouTube founder talks…but not on YouTube


Nice video interview with Chad Hurley, founder of YouTube, …and it’s NOT on YouTube! It’s on the Financial Times website. One thing Hurley mentions is that internet videos on YouTube will most likely remain short-length the way they are now. But the company is looking to REACH INTO TV-land!!…and that is where, some day, you’ll find longer YouTube videos). My goodness, YouTube on tv, that’s got to be some kind of revolution.

And just in case you were wondering, YouTube chose to not have front-end advertising (called pre-loads) like the NY Times has –which are really annoying– because they wanted to stay community-friendly, and they thought it would be a turn-off to viewers (they’re right).

You can read the transcript of the video interview if you don’t want to watch the 3-part, 26-minute long interview but it’s pretty interesting.


chad hurley, YouTube



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