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Detail of a repeating swimmer from an internet-distributed digital art project
Detail of a repeating swimmer from an internet-distributed digital art project

It’s a wonder no one thought of this before–art that’s shown simultaneously around the world, based on the idea that technology can circulate digi art works faster than a speeding bullet.

The show, PDF, which will be held simultaneously in 14 cities, from Tokyo to Oslo, and in each of the 5 boroughs of New York City, also has a Philly venue–Vox Populi, for the one-night-only event–Saturday, July 19, 6 to 8 p.m.

The art, commissioned work from Fia Backström, Bozidar Brazda, Brian Clifton, Paul Ramirez Jonas, Rachel Mason, Sean Raspet, and Jordan Wolfson, and a contribution from Dexter Sinister, is online and will be downloaded and produced by each venue. You can take a peek at some of it at this online site:

In the cooperative spirit of the venture, the show was co-curated by Summer Guthery, Lumi Tan, and Nicholas Weist. And the participating galleries are all working in partnership with New York gallery Why + Wherefore, where you can find a few of the works available online for download (not to mention a list of participating galleries).

The samples were a mixed bag–you can check them out yourself if your computer is up to the task of handling such big files. The ones that interested me most were the most elusive, thanks to their size. Many of the works in the samples are word-based art. You’ll have to wait until July 19 to see the rest.

Check out the show itself to see if the art measures up to this really great concept.


sean raspet, vox populi gallery



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