Some floor systems are truly superior!

Libby and I are in the show Superior Floor System at Exclamation Gallery so I’m hardly objective but, you can trust me, this is one marvelous and fun show of art on the floor. It’s a lot more humble than Carl Andre and yet beholdin’ to him. You need to make an appointment with Austin Lee or Katrina Mortorff, the gallery owners/curators, to see this apartment show. Call 570 906 0766

I was worried the viewing distance would be an issue — mostly I don’t like to stand 5 ft. away from the art I’m seeing. And yet it worked just fine. As Andrea pointed out many of the works had bold graphic sensibility and that made them pop right up off the floor. But all kinds of approaches worked. Many were quiet and subtle and they, too, caught your eye.

Mike Ambron
Mike Ambron’s tile, the hairy chest with the real gold cross.



Mostly I don’t know who produced what tile in the big show.  Some people made more than one.  There are cartoons, collage, 3-D tiles, just about everything.

Walk on the floor


Abstract, figurative, silly, crazy, political and all of it serious.


More photos at flickr.