Cut paper skulls separated at birth

Kako Ueda, cut paper skull
Kako Ueda, cut paper skull

hunter stabler
Hunter Stabler, cut paper skull

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Kako Ueda’s solo show of exquisite paper cut art
By David Pescovitz on Art
Last year, I posted about Kako Ueda’s spectacular hand cut paper artwork including a work-in-progress that was then titled “Memento Mori.” The work, now complete and titled “Eros & Thanatos,” will debut at Ueda’s solo show at NYC’s George Adams Gallery. The exhibition, titled “Totem,” opens this Thursday, September 18 and runs until October 18. Ueda kindly shared this sneak preview of Eros & Thanatos with us. It’s a 78″ x 68″ site-specific wall piece that Ueda tell me is “about the reminder and celebration of life & death, two sides of a coin.” Click the image to see it larger. Magnificent.

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hunter stabler, kako ueda



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