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Paper at Projects

Itsuki Ogihara, Population Series, digital prints, each 17 x 17 inches
Itsuki Ogihara, Population Series, digital prints, each 17 x 17 inches

This is the last call for the Paper show at Projects–there’s a bunch of really great stuff in it, including Itsuki Ogihara’s Population Series, 17-inch squares of wallpaper encoded with demographic information, each square representing a different city. The squares include racial info, population wealth, etc. It’s fun to look at, fun to decode, fun to compare the information, fun to figure out what each little figure and each little color means. All in all is enormously entertaining and thought provoking. Plus it’s great looking. I have to confess Roberta and I were both so excited by this work that we went shopping! Please, we need some help resisting!!!

One more thing. Ogihara may be my entry for the most conceptual PAFA alum!!!

Talia Greene, Coiffed: A Typology of Entropic Variations: Fredricks, 8 x 5 inches each, archival pigment prints

Two other artists also grabbed my attention with their work about men in beards. No kidding.

IMG_8874 F. Lennox Campello
F. Lennox Campello, Rabbi Wearing a Cool Stylish New Hat, drawing 2 x 1.5 inches

Talia Greene coifs men pictured on old sales promo cards, using insects. This might be my favorite of Greene’s insect pieces to date! And fellow blogger F. Lennox Campello had a couple of postage-stamp-size drawings of rabbis. The one not pictured was entitled Rabbi Thinking of a Baseball Game.

The show, with 25 artists, includes the usual Projects Gallery suspects plus a variety of surprise exhibitors, like these three.

The show runs to Dec. 20.