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Artblog labs a-poppin’


Hello campers, we are here to announce exciting news. We are experimenting with a new lab section for projects such as a gallery map with listing information that we hope will be useful to you. We will have 6 maps of the city, five of them by neighborhoods and one will be our current picks.


We need your help to make this work and to give us feedback (see link on labs page to give us feedback). If you have a listing, submit the information on the form (click on the “submit your listing” link on page). It’s very easy. You can upload an image for your show, too.

We hope this will become a useful tool for Artblog readers and galleries alike.

And stay tuned. We have other ideas percolating in our lab test tubes.  And thanks to our lab white coats, Kelani, Beth and Howie, who are making all this possible.