Learning from the past–lecture on Philadelphia manufacturing

Artblog contributor Jacob Hellman will be giving a lecture this Thursday about a project he’s been “mildly obsessed” about for the last two years, the history of Philadelphia as a manufacturing powerhouse.  Hellman, an artist and activist, discovered an 1859 book, Philadelphia and its Manufactures, and he’s been tracking down old factories and taking pictures of their ruination ever since.


Jacob’s photos of the abandoned factories — and some still operational — are on view in Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction‘s back space.  Jacob and Phillip Taylor, an 85-year old commercial lithographer and his cohort on this project, will speak there Thursday night to “renew wonder in manufacturing and spark a critical awareness of materialism.”


Philadelphia and its Manufactures: 1859 & 2009
Lecture by Jacob Hellman and Phillip Taylor
Thurs. Aug. 20
Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
116 N. 3rd.