October listings include events!

New, improved listings are coming for October–we will have mapped events–artist talks, gallery talks, lectures, symposia and other art events–as well as mapped gallery listings.

The new improved forms for your October art shows and art events are now available at Artblog labs, where we’re still working on ways to make our listings for art shows the best in the city (or in any city). The deadline for your October listings is Sept. 28.

We had 60 submissions in September, a shockingly successful rate. And we ourselves are finding the maps helpful for figuring out what we want to see and when. We know from the traffic that, even unadvertised, our readers are also using them!

The new October version of the map pages will go up around October first, and once again, we will be giving shout outs on the Our Picks map to the shows that look the most enticing.