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Zine of the Month


Hello Readers! (Especially zine readers. . .)
I have been sitting on this post for awhile now and it is way over due (and yet timely seeing as how on Saturday, October 17th  you will get a chance to see this project at Little Berlin‘s BYOTY Book Fair)–Mark Price has started a fabulous project called Zine of the Month. The project is what you would imagine it to be, Mark works with an artist to create a new zine every month. You absolutely must check out the website for the project, as you can actually view a video of flipping through each and every page of every zine.


Mark Price on the whys and what fors of Zine of the Month:

I have been self publishing my work since I was 11 – photocopying mini comics and hawking them at school between classes for 25cents. I love the zine / self published / hand made book medium and it’s possibilities. The act of publishing physical things is becoming more and more interesting to me as more of our physical and mental environment becomes ‘digitalized’. I wanted to extend from my own self publishing into collaborating with others. These are a few ideas I was thinking about in starting the project. Also I stole the idea from LA based weird art damage noise punk dance (what?) label Death Bomb Arc that has offered a Tape Of The Month Club for the past few years … as a subscriber I would receive a new cassette single each month from two bands… and getting mail rules so I have been offering a year subscription as well.

This year I am working with almost all Philly based artists who I am friends with or whose work I really like and selfishly want bounded in zine form for my own collection. Next year I plan to expand to include artists outside the city and to continue to offer the subscription service.

The artist zines are a mix of screen printing  and full color assembled by hand in editions of 100 – 200. I print them at Space 1026’s printing shop and do additional production work using Hottt off the Press’s shop on Baltimore Ave in West Philly.

Zine of the Month is currently sold at these locations:

Cafe Royal, UK based zine publisher and distro
Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn Gallery
Desert Island, Brooklyn Comic Book Shop
Glowdome Salem, Oregon based touring streamline trailer full of zines
Needles & Pens, San Francisco DIY goods and art gallery
No Coast Chicago collective, show space, and shop



on Saturday, October 17th at Little Berlin’s BYOTY Book Fair