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Words of wisdom from Annette Monnier


At One Review A Month, blogger Annette Monnier usually has something pretty smart and interesting to say. Here’s an excerpt from her latest post:

I am reminded of being a young artist and saying something to a friend about this or that person “selling out” to which my wiser friend replied “you can’t tell me that you wouldn’t have done that had it been offered to you.” I never said it out loud but my friend was right. The truth is that some people make it big and others do not, just like some people are born ugly and some beautiful, some complaints artists make may be legitimate and need to be acted on but a great majority of them probably stem from jealously and bitterness about the hand of fate.

The post is about a community meeting (of disgruntled artists) and show at Edward Winkleman’s gallery in New York. This seemed of special interest, given that Philadelphia just had its own community meeting of disgruntled artists yesterday, at Little Berlin.


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