Art in the air no pie in the sky

In case you’re wondering how the new tech-art consortium Breadboard (out of the University City Science Center and affiliated with Esther Klein Gallery) is doing, we have to say…well!  Breadboard just partnered with PECO to get art up on the PECO signboard atop their building at 23rd and Market.  No kidding, art in the sky.  LED art.  Could be cool.  And it’s ongoing–as in each month you have a new shot at getting your art up there.

PECO – your art here!

The press release explains that each month PECO and Breadboard will choose three designs to feature up there on the light board at 23rd and Market. The art will be featured (drumroll) on First Fridays each month. We at Artblog want to see some great word art up there!

From the press release:

Here are the deadlines for submission for the remainder of 2010:

For August display: July 27th

For September display: Aug 24th

For October display:  Sept 21st

For November display: Oct 26th

For December display: Nov 18th


All submissions are due by 10pm on deadline date

Submissions that are not selected but ranked high by the selection committee will be reconsideration in following months. Artists are encouraged to submit new material each month but not more than 3 works per month.

Art in the Air Guidelines:

  • The Art in the Air program is open to all digital artists & animators residing in the Tri-State Area   (PA, NJ, DE).
  • Digital works are limited to 30 seconds in length.
  • Digital works may not include the use of proper names.
  • Submissions must be original works that have been created within the last five years and artists must own the complete rights to their video submissions.
  • Digital works may be made using any technique, but they must be submitted to the competition in an WMV file format.
  • All work must be formatted for display in exact accordance with PECO Crown Lights dimensions: 2224 x 360 @ 72 dpi (the dimensions given are horizontal format, width x height)
  • The artist must be at least 18 years old and provide current contact information.

Please send submissions to: