Machete and Possible Press – zine publishers talk about why and how


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Two new print publications expand the writing about art in Philadelphia. We talk with Rachel and Trevor Reese of Possible Press, a zine of writing and projects by artists; and David Dempewolf and Yuka Yokayama of Machete, a critical commentary publication.  The two couples, who have not met each other before, find out that they all use the same printer in Long Island City, Linco. Both couples also run project spaces where they show edgy interesting art.  Rachel and Trevor run Possible Projects and David and Yuka run Marginal Utility.

Rachel and Trevor Reese (l) and Yuka Yokayama and David Dempewolf, before our talk with them, held at Marginal Utility's office

Below is a 41-second sample of the interview. Below that is the full 15-minute interview:


      Right click to download 41-second machete and possible press sample


      Right click to download full 15-minute zines podcast

This episode is edited by Peter Crimmins. The music is by Eric Biondo. Thanks to the Knight Foundation and our series sponsor, Fleisher Art Memorial, for their support of this project. Thanks to WHYY NewsWorks for partnering with us. You can subscribe to artblog radio on iTunes.


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