Michael Konrad reinvents a broken society, on Artblog Radio

Roberta and Libby interview Artist Michael Konrad in this 10-minute podcast for Artblog Radio.

Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts sponsors this episode.

Artist Michael Konrad is a bit of a pessimist, using a semi-permanent material–plastic bags–to explore the end of a great civilization. Konrad’s mournful installation was in the January 2011 Wind Challenge 2. His meticulously handcrafted mummy style sleeping bag and an American flag, his use of letters that lose their words, and words that lose their sentences, become artifacts of the city in post-industrial collapse. More than that, they become strategies for reinventing life. Konrad himself moved here with his young family from New York, taught himself to sew and iron, and his reinvented his own life in the process.

Michael Konrad at his Wind Challenge 2 exhibit.

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