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All hurricane’d out? Here’s Shelley Spector’s storms of a different stripe


Artblog friend and art impresario Shelley Spector sent along pictures of art she’s been working on during her Breadboard residency at NextFab.  When Stella and I visited her there Aug 11, long before Irene, the artist was working on a series about storms — hurricane names, tornados, floods…  It’s water on the brain, taken to a more ethereal level.  Shelley’s been using the programmable sewing machine at NextFab, which she has named Gwen.  She’s also assayed the laser cutters to cut some wood.  Much of her earlier work was carved wood and wood assemblages.  The new work grows out of the older work, with issues of gender  (girl hurricane names) and human relationships, using tempestuous weather as a metaphorical stand-in.   (All photos this post by Shelley Spector.)

Detail of “Girl Storms”, embroidery on fabric, 8” x 10”

Gwen, the computer-programmable sewing machine, working on “Girl Storms”
“Herringbone Twister”, embroidery on fabric, 10” x 8”
“Red Flood”, embroidery on fabric and laser cut wood frame, 13” x 9”