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Andrew Jeffrey Wright is known for his humorous drawings and prints, psychedelic pattern paintings, and most recently his stand-up comedy routine, which he performs regularly Tuesday nights at the Barbary.  Wright, who is a founding and current member of Space 1026, made his first splash with The Manipulators, an animated film he co-produced with then-girlfriend, Clare Rojas.  That fashion-lampoon, done with magazine pictures altered to with whiteout, won Wright and Rojas the top prize for animation at the New York Underground Film Festival.  In our talk with Wright we learned that he supported himself when in college by working as a security guard at Hog Island, and that some of his humor influences include Andy Kaufman, Steve Martin and Rodney Dangerfield.  And while the focus of much of his works is on lampooning drug use, he’s never used drugs himself.  Below is a sample from our interview and you can listen to the full interview next week.

      Andrew Jeffrey Wright 59-second sample

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