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Finding my inner Minimalist


I love taking photos–for better or for worse, usually for worse. But Philly Photo Day is an excuse to take pictures not to give information–my usual reason–but rather just to play. Here are some of the runners up from my day of photo-taking. As I went through the day, the photos get sparer and sparer. What I finally submitted for the exhibit, which is in its second year at the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, is spare indeed. Here’s where I started. Not a good beginning.

Ghosts; my street does it up right for Halloween! My neighbor Taylor gets the credit for this display. But I can’t figure out how to capture what I’m looking at.

After the above sorry effort, I finally got down to business. I took my final choice for the Philly Photo Day also right on my own street. But it looked nothing like the above mish-mash.

I love the mysterious markings by utility companies. What does this mean?

By time I left my street, I was on a roll. I figured out that less is more. In the ones above and below, I’m not sure if I was on Latimer Street or Addison. I like this one for peculiar reasons, like the slot of light in the middle of the shadow. How did it get there? I also like the difference in light on the right and on the left of the shadow. And then I like the interplay of lines–pipes, shadow, bricks, and paint. But so what? Didn’t make the cut.

libbydrainsI like how the drains, with the carefully scored concrete circles turn this patch of sidewalk and curb into a startled, vulnerable face. But it too didn’t make the cut.

The way to see my final choice? Go to PPAC for its Philly Photo Day show, now in its second year–an opportunity for absolutely anyone in Philadelphia to get a photo into a show. Roberta and I love the populist premise for the show, so we sponsor this show as well as participate. Last year, Roberta got it together to submit something. This year, I did. We didn’t plan it. Just happened.

Opening reception: tomorrow, Thursday, Nov. 10, 6 to 9 p.m.
Crane Arts Center
1400 N. American Street #103
Philadelphia, PA 19122