Artblog Art Safari double episodes–Episode 13 at Fjord, plus Extra at Highwire

We made a number of stops on Frankford Avenue on our June First Friday safari.

For Safari Episode 13, we stopped at Fjord for Spectator Sport, an all-video exhibit. The gallery is only two shows old, but already impressive. We saw wrestlers arrayed like June Taylor dancers and moving words embedded in colorful abstractions. They were just two of the video works from 10 (or more, depending on who’s counting) artists living across America and Canada. We also included a short Extra episode in this post (look below #13), in which we talk to Rochelle Dinkin at  Highwire Gallery.

Episode 13:


Here’s the link to Episode 13 on YouTube. And here’s the link to the Extra on YouTube. See all the Art Safari videos on the art safari page or the video page of artblog. And you can subscribe to our videos on our YouTube Channel.

These episodes are recorded and edited by the gifted Kim Paynter of WHYY’s — thanks Kim! Thanks also to the Knight Foundation for the matching Arts Challenge Award for the Art Safaris. Thanks to the Miami Foundation, With Art Philadelphia, University of the Arts, the Barnes Foundation’s Art Now class, to the galleries we visited and to all our supporters who helped us match and exceed the grant amount! Special shout out to our partner WHYY NewsWorks for their ongoing support and for sharing artblog Art Safari episodes on their arts and culture page.