Consider the artists residency, or not

Matt Kalasky called for a discussion about artists residencies on his publication, The St. Claire. The event, July 19 at Fjord, turned out to be a sort of grad school bull session about the nature of and usefulness of artists residencies. Their usefulness turned out to be the more useful topic of discussion, and by time the 20 to 25 people in attendance were finished, they realized ARs might not be so much about punching a ticket and decorating a resume but rather something they could find useful–or not.

Matt Kalasky (center) moderating a discussion about artists residencies at Fjord (foreground: tape recorder atop a paint can in case you’re wondering just what that is)

I tried reporting the discussion via our Twitter, @theartblog, but didn’t really know how to do it, so I didn’t use #, but in the course of it, came to understand a bit better how to get the job done. Thanks to my son, Alex, for showing me how to do this better next time. Here are my tweets, which more or less summarize the main points of the discussion: in true Twitter fashion, the beginning is at the bottom, the most recent item at the top, so it might be easier to read these from the bottom up:

  • Next conversation will be about internships [keep your eye on The St. Claire or its facebook page for the next notice]
  • At fjord re artists residency…residencies serve as way to give respect of society to otherwise disrespected studio practice.
  • At fjord re artists residency. With internet and economy, much more competition for residencies.
  • At fjord re artists residency… Is grad scool just a long expensive residency. Residency is more of a blank canvas
  • At fjord re artists residency…so many residencies. Eg. Wyoming. Skowhegan not only place. After school debt. Can’t take the time off
  • At fjord re artists residency…how do they judge you. Unstated chronology. Need evaluate what you need
  • At fjord re artists residency…network, set you up for next thing, vs a retreat. Skowhegan ny show also useful. all offer different things
  • At fjord re artists residencies. Continue grAd student discussion. Retreat. Camp. Prestigious guarantee quLity of colleagues.
  • Some pay a lot. Weird if you are on scholarship. Weird being evaluated. Serves to build an artists pedigree.
  • At fjord: up to 20 people now. Why residencies? Remaking your studio creating another life…computer brings along too much of life.
  • 10 people $2 millers. Erin Riley: I feel like philadelphia is its own artists residency.