Aqua Dice on a roll – Max Mulhern’s game of chance is launched into the Atlantic

Aqua Dice, afloat off the coast of the Canary Islands. Photo courtesy of Max Mulhern.

Aqua Dice is launched! The sculptural project by Paris-based artist and Artblog correspondent Max Mulhern is floating in the wild and deep green sea. What a surprise the bright orange cubes are and how jaunty they look in this picture.  In spite of its jauntiness, the project has a pithy underbelly, about immigration and all kinds of human roll of the dice issues. Become part of the project at  Max’s Aqua Dice website, where you can place your bet on the dice roll’s outcome for your chance to win a print from the project.  And to follow the progress of the real world tumblers “like” this Aqua Dice project page on Facebook.  Max put GPS devices in each of the dice and will be reading their progress and reporting on how they twin cubes are doing. Many congratulations, Max!