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News post – A Candy Coated Eakins Oval, ART21 2014 stars Katharina Grosse, Pine Barrens on film, opportunities and more!



A section of the conceptual site plan for Candy Coated’s Magic Carpet, a new public artwork for The Oval. Photo credit: Association for Public Art.
A section of the conceptual site plan for Candy Coated’s Magic Carpet, a new public artwork for The Oval. Photo credit: Association for Public Art.

Magic Carpet, a total environment created by Candy Coated that the Association for Public Art commissioned for The Oval, kicks off tomorrow and is on view until August 17. It’s much as you’d expect for a work served up by Candy Coated; representatives from the City and Fairmount Park Conservancy, artists and an interpretative dance team are cutting the ribbon on the “Magic Carpet” theme and 3-D illusion public art display. Plus, let’s see who can turn down a beer garden!

Big old list ahead: The 2014 Grantees of the Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation have been chosen, and some super-deserving organizations have gotten a boost. They are:

Organization                                                                          Description                                                                                            2014

Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture                                                 After-School Arab Music Program                                                       $5,000

Artistas y Musicos Latino Americanos*                            General Operating Support                                                                  $5,000

Art-Reach                                                                               General Operating Support                                                                  $5,000

ArtWell                                                                                   We, the Poets program                                                                         $7,500

Asian Arts Initiative                                                              General Operating Support                                                                  $5,000

BalletX                                                                                    Dance Residency in Philadelphia Public School                                $5,000

Enchantment Theatre Company                                        Theatre Residency at PA School for the Deaf                                    $5,000

Kulu Mele African Dance and Drum Ensemble               African Dance Classes                                                                            $5,000

Mascher Space Cooperative*                                            Tap Classes for Elementary Students                                                   $5,000

Musicopia                                                                              After-School Drumline Ensemble                                                        $5,000

Norris Square Neighborhood Project                               Art Factory                                                                                               $7,500

Philadelphia Dance Company**                                        Dance Training Program/George Bartol Award                             $12,500

Philadelphia Folklore Project                                             General Operating Support                                                                  $7,500

Philadelphia Photo Arts Center                                         After-School Teen Photography Program                                          $5,000

Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory*                                Boatbuilding Apprenticeships                                                              $5,000

Philadelphia Young Playwrights                                         Playwriting Program in Philadelphia Public Schools                 $7,500

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens                                            “Tile & Grout” Mosaic Mural Program                                                $5,000

Philly Youth Poetry Movement                                          Poetry Writing and Performance Workshops                                   $5,000

Play On, Philly*                                                                     General Operating Support                                                                  $5,000

Samuel S. Fleisher Art Memorial                                       Community Visual Arts Residencies                                                     $5,000

Scribe Video Center                                                             Documentary History Project for Youth                                             $7,500

Taller Puertorriqueño                                                         Arts and Cultural Education Programs for Youth                               $5,000

University City Arts League                                                 General Operating Support                                                                  $5,000

West Park Cultural Center*                                                After-School Ceramics and Music Class                                              $5,000

*   First-time grantee


Phil Jackson has closed the book on a ten year old Fourth of July tradition, with his infamous/beloved zine Borderline Retarded ending its run this year. Borderline Retarded #10 – THE DEATH ISSUE is out now. “If you love something,” Phil is quoted as saying, “set it on fire.” Heavy. Borderline Retarded, we will miss you.


Creative Time Reports is looking for proposals that offer incisive, provocative and unflinching perspectives on the most challenging issues of our times. Such pieces might take the form of photo-essays, videos, op-eds or poems (but aren’t limited to those), and subjects might include climate change, migration, prisons, labor, race or gender. The artist selected for the Feature* receives a $1000 honorarium; the artist selected for the Dispatch** $300. In addition to these fees, both commission recipients receive three to six months of editorial support, the opportunity for co-publication with a major media outlet; the opportunity to develop a public conversation; and substantial publicity. Artist proposals are reviewed for quality of the proposal and prior work, fit for Creative Time Reports, timeliness, and feasibility. Your proposal should include a pitch for your Feature or Dispatch (two to three paragraphs), and a website, set of URLs or attachment (no larger than 10MB) showing examples of your previous work. All proposals are reviewed, and even if yours is not selected as a Feature or Dispatch for this open call, it can still be reviewed in consideration as a regular commission. The panel may also suggest that a proposed Feature would be more appropriate as a Dispatch, or vice versa. To differentiate, features are substantial in length (e.g. videos with 5-minute-plus durations, texts of 2,000-plus words or selections of 20+ photos) and require significant support for their production; while Dispatches are considerably shorter and involve less support for their production and presentation than Features. The deadline is September 2, 2014; submit your application package and any additional questions to


Sa Sa Art Projects, Phnom Penh’s only not-for-profit artist-run space, is raffling off a residency whose deadline is in several days. Housed in a historic arts district in the Cambodian capital, Sa Sa is an excellent place to mingle with both native and international artists and see wonderfully thoughtful projects take shape. You can purchase one or several tickets without attending the benefit. Entries close on July 19 at midnight (EST), and the ticket draw takes place during RU’s FUNRAISER 2014 on Sunday July 20. This residency runs between June and December 2015, and the date is up to the artist and Sa Sa Art Projects. To enter, you must be a practicing visual artist with a website or portfolio URL showing at least 3 years of professional practice. If you are a friend of an artist, please indicate the name and URL or website of your nominated artist/s. Sa Sa Art Projects provides resources and support to help the raffle winner to get the most out of their time in Cambodia, including a working studio, accommodation, administration support, and a public event. Residency Unlimited is responsible for a small stipend to cover meals and airfare expenses to Phnom Penh from wherever s/he is located.


Artist News

"Peel Me Slow," a jarring work from ALLOVER STREET'S last inception. Photo credit: Baltimore Post.
“Peel Me Slow,” a jarring work from ALLOVER STREET’S last inception. Photo credit: Baltimore Post.

via Lee Heinemann & Process Collective – Our good buddy Lee Heinemann is drumming up support for ALLOVER STREET, Baltimore’s counterpart to First Friday. ALLOVER STREET is a monthly night of simultaneous openings, performances and events on a single Baltimore block dense with DIY, commercial, and non-profit arts spaces and studios. Their July art walk is made up of seven spaces and work by dozens of local and national artists. You can check out a review of their work and see what they’ve done so far.

Jenny Lam is one of the speakers on a panel about building platforms for marginalized artists, happening this Thursday, July 17, 6-8pm at Zhou B Art Center, Centerline Cafe in New York. It’s her first time as a panelist, too. Good luck, Jenny!

Katharina Grosse's "psychylustro," by now a familiar sight. Photo credit:
Katharina Grosse’s “psychylustro,” by now a familiar sight. Photo credit:

Riding the psychylustro wave, Katharina Grosse has landed a coveted feature in the upcoming seventh season of Art21. Studded with some of the best names around, this edition’s theme itself is especially germane to Philly art: Twelve Artists Who Reveal How Art Can Inspire and Transform Lives and Communities. Premiering October 24, this season features, besides Grosse, Tania Bruguera, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Leonardo Drew, Omer Fast, Thomas Hirschhorn, Elliott Hundley, Graciela Iturbide, Joan Jonas, Wolfgang Laib, Trevor Paglen, and Arlene Shechet.

This Saturday, why not pick up and head to the Pine Barrens for a retreat that’s also a celebration for a labor of love? David Scott Kessler’s film, titled “Pines”, which is currently in production is going to be projected into the pines at the Ashleigh homestead in Browns Mills, NJ and scored live by The Ruins of Friendship Orchestra. David’s offering an unforgettable evening with the works and talents of a vast community of Philadelphians on display. Retreat tickets are $15 or $25 (includes camping fee), and the event is on Saturday, July 19 at 7 PM (rain or shine). Arrival is from 1pm onward (if you’d like to explore the area or relax with a picnic, etc). Performances start at 7. Please bring your own picnics, beverages, chairs and/or blankets. Guests are invited to stay overnight at a nearby campsite for an additional $10; the campsite offers a lake for swimming and there are a number of hiking trails nearby. Carpooling is encouraged, as parking is limited at the cabin. The cabin address and further details will be emailed to you after purchasing your ticket.