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The Artblog Reader Advisor


[This month’s Reader Advisor posts are brought to you by our guest editors, the Nicola Midnight St. Claire, or Nicola, as she sometimes likes to be called. Today: the fluffiest, floppiest bunnies you ever did see; artist Anish Kapoor works with the blackest pigment known to man; and let’s kill “chill” as an admirable quality.  — the Artblog editors]

rabbit_reader_advisoryAngora Rabbit Photography by Andres Serrano. NO EYES, via the New York Times

I Don’t Get It, via Hyperallergic

Everything Is Nothing. Everything Is Chill, via Matter

Make It Till You Fake it, via Hopes and Fears

Is It Coral Or VANTABLACK for the Bathroom?, via Artforum

[Down Under Joke], via National Gallery of Australia


andres serrano, artforum, hyperallergic, national gallery of australia, new york times