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The Artblog Reader Advisor
Today on the artblog Reader Advisor: HitchBOT is dead! Long live HitchBOT! Jon Stewart is dead leaving The Daily Show! Long live Jon Stewart! -- the artblog editors



DinosaursIt’s over. We can all relax. Finallllly. Eminent proof of our societal decline, genetic free-fall, artistic spinny-wheel of death, etc. is easily observed:

Our soon-to-be robot overlords will not forget these transgressions:
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Get your kicks in now…
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Ghostbusting is a sacred profession that is clearly defined as one MAN and one PROTON PACK. This film is an abomination. I’m moving to Canada.
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The day when “burger flippers” (can’t I just say poor people?) make as much as electricians and paramedics is the day America dies. It goes without saying that I make more money than a “burger technician” (can’t I just say worthless idiot?) because I am more skilled and more industrious. For the same reason, my boss’s salary is 20 times more than mine because he or she–just kidding–he is 20 times smarter, more skilled, and harder-working than I am. That is why rich people are the hardest-working, most educated, and naturally gifted people in the world. Plus, I mean, come on, what’s the end game here?  EVERYBODY making a livable wage in America? These are indeed dark times.
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Good news: He is leaving. The world-is-ending news: He is leaving behind an army of news-attentive media-literate politically engaged sarcastic under-35 citizens with access to self-publishing technology.
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