The Artblog Reader Advisor
This week on the artblog Reader Advisor: Banksy’s depressing theme park; a 3D printer for your latte foam; art you can smell and touch; and art that got a hole punched through it. -- the Artblog editors


Poor Porpora: Taiwanese Teenager Punctures Precious Painting, via The Guardian

Insane All-in-One Keyboard Can Do Pretty Much Anything You Want, via Kickstarter

Banksy’s Dismaland “Bemusement Park” Is Anything But Goofy, via CNN

Image via CNN.
Image via CNN.

That’s a Latte Creativity, via Fastco

Sad News: Fabric Workshop Marion “Kippy” Boulton Stroud Passes Away, via

Scan Plan Fans Fan Flames: Microsoft Makes Your iPhone into a 3D Scanner, via The Verge

Storm Window: Ohr-O’Keeffe Museum Shifts Focus to Katrina 10-Year Anniversary, via WJTV

Image via Fastco.
Image via Fastco.

RISD Senior Collects the “Shapes We Use to Organize the World,” via io9

How Does This Art Smell to You? Tate Sensorium Opens Today in London, via ArtDaily

It’s Knot About You: Philly Residents Tie Knots for Papal Visit, via ABC

CONTENT WARNING: sexual assault: Yep, This Is Pretty Much What It’s Like to Be a Girl, via Tumblr



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