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[This weekend on the artblog Reader Advisor: All the links you never wanted to waste your time on. But hey–it’s Sunday, and we picked the best ones. — the Artblog editors]

The Un-Reader Advisor

Dog faces everything beautiful
Photo courtesy of Everything Beautiful.

The hardest part about writing a Reader Advisor is sorting the essential reading from the not-so-essential reading. This process usually takes the better part of an afternoon and is often only made possible by heartrending exclusions and deep introspective debate: But WHICH link about worker rights? However, today I want to present you with a different sort of selection. Specifically: all the links you should NOT be viewing. These black holes of bandwidth represent both the worst (and in some sad cases) the most populous locales of the Internet. Just think that somewhere, a majestic Amazonian ungurahui tree was cut down and its energy converted to pixels in order to bring you these small windows of brain-obliterating acid. Enjoy!

Some of these are funny! Ha ha! But the joke is on you when you realize that you just wasted 10 minutes of your life.  You’ll never get that back.
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I have never wondered what Mufasa would look like as a human, but you know, now that you mention it, let’s take a look!
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119,167 users agree that the Everything Beautiful Facebook page is your one-stop source for the highest-quality images of corgis, flamingos, Photoshopped cats, waterfalls, coasts, tropical fish, blooming flowers, incorrigible children, desertscapes, Scottish vistas, sunsets, blood sunrises, eclipses, fall country roads, husky puppy litters, lily ponds, rare butterflies, harvest moons, shooting stars, and exotic dragonflies.
[ via Everything Beautiful ]

The answers to questions you never knew you had:
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You will be astonished to learn that everyone was a kid at some point. You will also learn that while you were waiting for to load, you could have taken a nice walk or eaten some fruit.
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